Wandering Stock

Impounded Livestock

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Wandering Stock

Wandering Stock can cause accidents to road traffic, as well as causing a biodiversity risk in cross contamination if the animals are diseased.
Please be reminded of your responsibilities as a Stockowner. Check that your fencing is adequate for the animals that are being held, to reduce the risk of injury to road users and prevent any stock loss.

Council has no control over wandering stock on private land.  If you have stock on your land that is not yours, and the owner can be identified, please contact the owner directly.
If owner name is not on eartag contact:

Primary Industries & Regions of South Australia (PIRSA)

Biosecurity SA

Phone: 1800 654 688

Website: PIRSA

If you see stock wandering on public land, ie roads please contact Council with details, phone 8578 1004 or use the My Local Services app on your phone to report