Your Council

Local Government Councillors are elected representatives of the people who live, work and do business in the local Council area. Councillors play a very important community leadership role and influence the decisions that Councils make about what happens locally. A Councillor gets involved in

  • deciding on Council plans and policies for the local area
  • guiding Council affairs
  • ensuring Council resources are used fairly for the benefit of everyone in the community
  • talking to local people about their views and ideas for the area, and
  • letting others know on the Council, regionally and in State and Commonwealth Government agencies, about the local community issues.

Councillors are not paid wages but they are entitled to receive an annual allowance. The annual allowance paid to Councillors varies from Council to Council. Expenses related to Council business can also be reimbursed, for example, telephone and travelling costs, fees for child care or care of other relatives paid so that a Councillor can attend Council meetings.

Your Council has 7 elected members, consisting of a Mayor and 6 Councillors.