To assist in the effective and consistent running of Councils policies are developed, public consultation is carried out and the resulting policies are adopted by Council.

These documents can be also viewed at the Council Offices on request. For further information please contact the Office, telephone 8578 1004.

Council Policies

pdfAnnual Leave Policy(66 kb)

pdfAsset Revaluation Policy(70 kb)

pdfBuilding & Swimming Pool Inspection Policy(126 kb)
adopted by Council on 13th May 2014

pdfCaretaker Policy(168 kb)

pdfCode of Practice for access to Council & Committee Meetings & Associated Documents(168 kb)

pdfCommunity Grant Assistance Policy(161 kb)

pdfCompetitive Tendering Policy(42 kb)

pdfComplaint Handling Procedure Council Members(295 kb)

pdfConsideration of Late Items by Council(113 kb)

pdfCouncil Members Allowances & Benefits Policy(436 kb)

pdfCouncil Members Discretionary Fund Policy(74 kb)

pdfCustomer Charter(417 kb)

pdfDebt Recovery Policy(196 kb)

pdfDelegations LG Act(308 kb)

pdfDisability Access & Inclusion Plan 2020-2024(869kb)

pdfEconomic Incentive Policy(69 kb)

pdfElection Signs in Public Places(736 kb)

pdfEmergency Management Plan Policy (736 kb)

pdfEmployee Code of Conduct(297 kb)

pdfEmployees Year of Service(77 kb)

pdfFees and Charges Policy(201 kb)

pdfFinancial Hardship Policy(220 kb)

pdfFinancial Measures Policy(435 kb)

pdfIndependent Living Policy(180 kb)

pdfInformal Gatherings Policy(178 kb)

pdfInternal Financial Control Policy(216 kb)

pdfInternal Review of Council Decisions Policy & Procedure(259 kb)

pdfInvestment Policy and Review of Investments(18 kb)

pdfKerbside Waste & Recycling Collection Policy(400 kb)

pdfMedia Policy(57 kb)

pdfMembers Code of Conduct(337 kb)

pdf Mobile Food Van & Location Rules Policy (634 kb)

pdfOrder Making Policy(98 kb)

pdfPlant Hire and Private Works Policy(62 kb)

pdfPolicy Documentation Policy(183 kb)

pdfPolicy Framework(158 kb)

pdfPricing Policy Statement(461 kb)

pdfProcurement Policy(207 kb)

pdfPrudential Management Policy(286 kb)

pdfPublic Consultation Policy(195 kb)

pdfPublic Interest Disclosure Policy(467 kb)

pdfRating Policy(311 kb)

pdfRisk Management Policy(211 kb)

pdfRoad Infrastructure Policy(704 kb)

pdfSafe Environment Policy(75 kb)

pdfSocial Media Policy(195 kb)

pdfSupplementary Elections Policy(123 kb)

pdfTreasury Management Policy(182 kb)