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Contract Cartage of Rubble and Road Construction Materials

Tender Type Request for Tender
Contact Mr Matthew Morgan
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Contract Cartage of Rubble and Road Construction Materials

Request for Quotation

From time to time Council may require contract cartage to assist with the delivering of road construction and re-sheeting activities.

We are currently inviting quotations for casual cartage that can be called upon as required to assist with projects.

Preferred format is truck and dog to suit existing operations of Council. However other formats will be considered.

Pilchera Bore Road Re-sheeting Project

There is an immediate need for a period of up to 8 weeks (Mon to Thur – 9.5 hour days) for a truck and dog to assist with hauling rubble for the Pilchera Bore Road re-sheeting project.

The pit is located at Hobby Road, Lowaldie.

The road construction site is currently 12 kms down Pilchera Bore Road.

The transit route (lead) is:

 Hobby Road Pit to Karoonda Hwy (approx. 1km unsealed)

 Karoonda Highway, Lowaldie to Karoonda Highway, Borrika (approx. 7kms sealed)

 Pilchera Bore Road (approx. 12 kms unsealed, varying road condition).

Naturally the lead will get shorter as the road construction completes up Pilchera Bore Road.

Drivers will need to load themselves at the pit and then cart to the construction site for unloading, therefore operators will need Equipment Operator LL as well as a HC Licence and White Card (construction induction).

Quotation Details

Please provide a fully inclusive cost (ex GST) to haul (as detailed above for Pilchera Bore Road) as either hourly rate or per volume.

Please note that we are not guaranteeing a minimum engagement period, and we reserve the right to cease the engagement at any time without reason or notice.

If you could also please advise availability (number of vehicles) and possible commencement dates.

Insurances, Licences, Registration and Liability

To be considered for contract cartage you must provide the following information as a minimum:

 Certificate of Public Liability (min $10M cover)

 Certificate of Workers Compensation Insurance

 Certificate / Evidence of vehicle insurance for trucks and trailers to be used on our projects

 A statement advising that you provide that your vehicles are registered, roadworthy and well maintained

 Evidence of operators certifications (copy of licences, operators certificates and white cards) for operators who may work on our projects

Council is not responsible or liable for any damage or wear and tear on your vehicles as a result of the activities associated with the contract cartage.

Please provide the required details by COB Thursday 26 April 2018, in writing addressed to:

Matthew Morgan

District Council of Karoonda East Murray

PO Box 58, Karoonda, SA 5307

Or via email to council@dckem.sa.gov.au

For enquiries, please contact

Matthew Morgan, CEO, District Council of Karoonda East Murray

on 0417 819 192 or via email matthew.m@dckem.sa.gov.au.


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