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KEM Council surveys residents to determine need for childcare services

Media Release

Media release


1 March, 2018                                                                                                                                       


KEM Council surveys residents to determine need for childcare services


Karoonda East Murray Council is seeking feedback from local residents to explore the potential for a sustainable childcare service model for the region.


A public meeting will be held at the Karoonda Institute on March 6 and a survey will also be sent out this week to all Karoonda East Murray residents.


The COGS service, delivered by the Southern Mallee District Council, currently provides one day of childcare per week in the region for children.


Karoonda East Murray Council Chief Executive Officer Matthew Morgan says Council is acting on growing community sentiment that extra childcare services are needed in the region.


“Access to child care services in Karoonda has been an item of discussion for a number of years and Council is conducting community engagement to move forward on this important issue,” he says.


A 2014 report into Karoonda Early Childhood Services found that, at the time, over 210 residents over the age of 15 were providing unpaid child care services to either their own or other people’s children.


Mr Morgan says Council has to establish the need for childcare services in the community both now and into the future, and also the level of care required.


“We are asking parents if they require full-day care or just after-school care, which will help us determine what a potential service model might look like,” he says.


“We are also asking participants to tell us about their level of satisfaction with existing services.


“With the community’s help, the survey results will provide an accurate picture to Council about the needs of the community, help inform our decisions and assist us in moving forward.”


In today’s society, Mr Morgan says caring for children is more than just a responsibility for direct parents, and can flow across multiple generations and also extend outside the family.


“Having a sustainable and flexible childcare service is beneficial to everyone in the community, not just parents,” he says.


“It allows family members to have the option of returning to work, which in turn benefits local employers and helps the community prosper.”


Mr Morgan says childcare services also gives children a formal, structured environment to begin their educational life.


“Quality care services help children thrive mentally and socially, and can also help identify learning difficulties and assist in early intervention strategies,” he says.


Mr Morgan reminded residents that Council’s survey is different to the current COGS survey and all responses would be kept confidential.


The survey will also be available at Council offices, to download on Council’s website, Facebook page, and collection boxes will be situated at Council offices, the Post Office and school.


The public meeting will be held on Tuesday, 6 March at 7.30pm at the Karoonda Institute and Mr Morgan encouraged all interested community members to attend.


Future-planning is a strong focus of Council’s strategic plan Mr Morgan says, and any childcare service model would need to serve the Karoonda community and surrounding districts for years to come.


“Council is fostering a strong family friendly community and access to quality childcare is a large determining factor in whether families decide to relocate to the area,” he says.


“Access to safe and affordable childcare is a given in many cities across Australia and regional areas, including the community of Karoonda, deserve the same level of services.


“A sustainable and flexible childcare service is something to build upon into the future.”





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