Registration and renewals are due from 1st July to 31st August each year.

If your dog has previously been registered with Council you will receive a renewal notice during July. Please advise Council if renewal information is incorrect or alterations need to be made on ph 85781004.

If you are registering your dog for the first time come into the office at 11 Railway Terrace, Karoonda during normal business hours or call us 85781004 and we can post the forms to you.

The following fees have been adopted by Council for 2016-2017;






No cost if registered

with Greyhound Racing SA

*Business Registration

$320.00 maximum or
$11.00 per dog

Transfer of Registration


Replacement Disc


Penalty for late registrations


Impounding Fee


Daily Holding Fee


Rebates are applied at Council's discretion and proof is required when applying for rebates on dog registration fees. Please bring along relevant information as listed below when registering your dog.

Microchip rebate - upon presentation of a microchip registration certificate, showing that the registration is current.

Training rebate - upon presentation of a certificate showing that the dog has undergone formal training to the satisfaction of the registrar.

Desexing Rebate - upon presentation of desexing certificate issued by a vet.

Pensioner Concession - concession card holder rebate  upon presentation of concession card.

* Application for Business Registration available from Council Offices.


All dog complaints must be in writing. A dog complaint form is available from the Council offices. Once the complaint is processed the Authorised Officer will investigate the complaint.

Your responsibilities as a dog owner

As a dog owner you have a number of obligations. The Dog and Cat Management Act 1995, states that all dog owners must:

  • register the dog with the local council;
  • ensure the dog is unable to escape from your yard;
  • take responsibility for any damage the dog has caused;
  • ensure their dog is under effective control in public places.

Responsible dog owners should also

  • exercise the dog daily
  • have the dog desexed if it is not intended for breeding
  • ensure all vaccinations and worming schedules are adhered to

The Dog & Cat Management Board site has information about owning dogs & cats.

homeless cats

Council whilst not actively involved in cat control, asks that cat owners are responsible for their pets, ie desexing, vaccinations and ensuring that your pet wears a collar, name tag and a bell to protect our native birds.

Please contact the office if you require any further information.


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